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Attention of all the students of this College is invited to the University OrdinanceNo.OA-17.3 in connection with the “Attendance and Eligibility to appear for Examinations ”which, inter-alia provides:

“A student registered in a Semester/Term/Year, for any Course (degree or diploma), shall be required to have a minimum cumulative attendance of 75% of the total lectures and practical prescribed for the course during that Semester/Term/Year. Although the attendance shall be cumulative for all the papers/courses taken together in the given Semester/Term/Year, a student shall be required to have a minimum of 50% attendance in any individual/course”.(OrdinanceNo.OA-17.3(iv).)

“A student, having less that 75% cumulative attendance in a Semester/Term/Year and/or less that 50% attendance in individual paper/course, shall not be eligible to appear for that Semester/Term/Annual Examination. Such student shall have to seek re-admission to the Course / Program during the subsequent Academic Year/Term/Semester by paying requisite fees.…”(OrdinanceNo.OA-17.3(v)).

Besides, “absence on medical grounds shall be off set against the25% concession in the attendance already granted”.OrdinanceNo.OA-17.3(ix), which means, there will be no special concession for absence on medical grounds.

The Ordinance also provides that “The statement of the attendance shall be prepared paper/course-wise and month-wise and a copy of this statement shall be sent to the University for records”.OrdinanceNo.OA-17.3(ii)

Pursuant to the above, all the students are advised to take note of the above provisions for compliance and furnish the following undertaking, duly signed by them and counter-signed by the irrespective parents/guardians, in the enclosed format:

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